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Diploma Of Associate Engineer (D.A.E)

  • Technologies

    03 Years Diploma of Associate Engineer is conducted in affiliation with Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore in the following Technologies as a regular Evening Program.

    • 1. Mechanical Technology
    • 2. Electrical Technology
    • 3. Electronics Technology
    • 4. Chemical Technology
    • 5. Civil Technology

    Academic Calendar

    • New Admission: July / August
    • Start of new Academic session: August /September
    • Supplementary Examination: November / December
    • Send up Examination: December
    • Closing of Academic Session: 30th April
    • Annual Examination: May/June

    Eligibility Criteria

    • 1. Candidates must have passed the S.S.C. Examination from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education with minimum 60% & above marks in English, Physics, Chemistry and Elective Mathematics.
    • 2. Candidates who have failed or have been declared pass under concession in one or more of the above mentioned four subjects are not eligible.
    • 3. Candidate‚Äôs age must not be over 23 years at the time of admission. However, relaxation in age up to 27 years may be allowed for those employees working in govt. sector.
    • 4. Admission will be made on merit against fixed / reserved seats / approved quotas, as mentioned in the prospectus. However, any candidate having 70% and above marks in prescribed 4 subjects will instantly be given admission on first come first serve basis.

    How to Apply

    Admission is made on all Pakistan basis. Applications for admission are received on the prescribed form available in prospectus. Applications for admission completed in all respect, should be submitted to the institute within the due date as notified in the admission notice.

    Allocation of Seats

    • Category

      No of Seats Reserved

    • Open Merit 280
    • Students belong to FATA & Balochistan 100
    • POF Employees 57
    • Wards of POF Employees 38
    • Wards of Serving/Retired Employees of Armed Forces 05
    • A.W.C Employees 05
    • H.I.T Employees and their Wards 05
    • Total Seats


    Fee Structure

    • Admission Fee (Non Refundable) Rs. 5000/- (One time)
    • Tution Fee Rs. 2100/- (Per month)
    • III. I.D Card Rs. 50/- (One time)
    • IV. Examination Fee (Internal) Rs. 1200/- (One time)
    • Development Fund Rs. 40/- (Per month)
    • Sports Fund Rs. 40/- (Per month)
    • Library Fund Rs. 40/- (Per month)
    • Building Maintenance Fund Rs. 20/- (Per month)
    • Magazine Fund Rs. 20/- (Per month)
    • Welfare Fund Rs. 20/- (Per month)
    • Medical Fund Rs. 20/- (Per month)
    • Document Verification Fee Rs. 1000/- (One time)
    • P.B.T.E Dues Rs. 810/- (One time)
    • Security (Refundable) Rs. 1400/- (One time)
    • Total Amount

      Rs. 11760/-

    Fee Concession Policy

    • Category


    • POF Employees admitted against the reserved seats 75%
    • Wards of POF Employees admitted against reserved seats 50%
    • Needy Students(3% of Total Strength) 50%
    • Wards of Serving/Retired Employees of Armed Forces 75%
    • Students belong to FATA & Balochistan 50%

    Reward Policy

    • Students having any of 1st three positions in Board of Secondary Education will be granted full fee relief in the 1st year of their study in DAE.
    • Students who secure 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in PBTE in DAE Examination will be given full fee relief in the next year or reward of Rs. 10,000/-, 7,500/- and 5,000/- respectively along with merit certificate.
    • Students who get 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in all the five (05) technologies, will be given Rs. 5000/-, 3000/-, and 2000/-as token money respectively, along with merit certificate.

    Discipline Rules

    • 1. Student, admitted to POF Institute of Technology will be required to abide by the rules and regulations of the institute. The college reserves the right to change the rules and regulations applicable to the students whenever it deems appropriate or necessary. A student found involved in illegal activities will be liable to punitive action as under:
      • i. Fine
      • ii. Cancellation of scholarship
      • iii. Rustication.
    • 2. Unauthorized absence from the class will be considered a serious breach of conduct resulting in strict disciplinary action. In case of illness, students will be required to submit medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. Students who remain unauthorized absent from Institute will be fined as under / at following rules:
      • i.Students who remain absent for more than 15 days without any intimation, will be struck off.
      • ii. Students without uniform will not be allowed to come in college premises.
      • iii. Students who fail to deposit monthly fee by 20th of every month. If they fail to deposit dues by the 20th of next month; i.e. if two months fee is outstanding against them, their names will be struck off Institute Roll.
      • iv. If the attendance of any student falls below 80% in a month without any cogent reason, his/her name will be struck off accordingly.
      • v. If the overall attendance of any student falls below 80%, his admission to annual board exam will not be forwarded.
      • vi Readmission may be allowed only under special circumstances. Readmission fee is Rs.500/-
    • 3. All the co-curricular activities are to be arranged with the permission of Principal.
    • 4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the institute as well as in the hostel premises.
    • 5. No meeting or gathering of political nature can be organized or held in the Institute and hostel premises.
    • 6. Affiliation with any political party is strictly prohibited.
    • 7. All the students must have in their possession and display identity cards issued by the Institute, otherwise they would not be allowed to enter the premises.
    • 8. Possession and use of mobile / cellular phone is prohibited.
    • 9. Any student may be expelled from the institute on the following grounds:
      • i. Use of unfair means during exam, tests
      • ii. Physical violence against any student
      • iii. Misbehavior with faculty members or staff.
      • iv. Failure to pay tuition fee for two consecutive months.
    • 10. A willful destruction or mutilation of buildings, furniture, books, Equipment or other property of POF Institute Technology shall be deemed as a serious offence. The offender may be asked to make good the loss/damage and his name shall be struck off from Institute roll.
    • 11. Any amount deposited for admission will not be returned or transferred to any other student.

    POFIT Industrial Tours

    Industrial Visits are arranged by POFIT to students with an objective to provide insight regarding internal working of industry. It gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at college. Industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and know more about industrial environment.