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POF Officer's Training

  • Introduction

    POFIT is an Alma Mater for all employees of POF. Training is planned and executed in the light of New Training Regime approved by worthy Chairman POF Board.

    The training includes the basic and on job training for the Officers, Artisans and Technical trades training for employees of the POF. The aim of the training is to groom newly inducted officers and to give them exposure to different departments to improve their soft skills & skill set.

    Syllabus of Training

    The course syllabus has been designed with job focus. It is aimed at development of essential character traits and attributes expected of an officer in POF so as to shoulder their responsibilities in a befitting manner. The course comprised of five modules as under:

    Personality Development:

    The objective is to impart training with a view to develop essential personality traits in the trainee officers and prepare them for leadership roles in POF and learning essential skills for optimum utilization of resources placed at their disposal to enhance economy efficiency, effectiveness and impact of POF products to the entire satisfaction of the clients.

    Functional Development:

    The objective is to equip young officers with essential knowledge areas contributing for the development of functional skills and enabling them to understand and apply rules, regulations and procedures required in the execution of their routine duties in an effective manner.

    Strategic Development:

    The objective is to expose trainee officers to knowledge areas having direct influence in understanding the contemporary corporate world and learning techniques of exploring and engaging potential clients through effective marketing, detailed planning, sound negotiation skills and higher degree of awareness to enhance the trade volume of POF.

    Technical Development:

    The objective is to develop the technical skills and techniques in areas specific to POF products by physically deploying trainee officers on shop floors, stores/offices, yielding opportunities to apply technical knowledge and improving with a view to facilitating their assumption of duties with desired confidence competence, clarity in understanding and credibility.

    Socio-Civic Development:

    The objective is to improve the general outlook of trainee officers through creating awareness of their socio-civic responsibilities and enabling/enlightening them to perform their role as the responsible citizen in the community.

    Conduct of Training

    The training based on five modules aimed to inculcate the following among the Trainee Officers:-

    • Development of sense of Discipline, Honour, Patriotism and Loyalty/ Esprit de-corps for the organization.
    • Development of sense of duty and responsibility with visible commitment to work and sound technical skills.
    • Development of good Communication and Presentation skills.
    • Development of character traits and conduct expected of an officer and a junior leader.
    • Dress code and Mess manners.

    Excecution – Training Plan

    To achieve these objectives, training is executed in the following manner:-

    • Class Lectures
    • Group Discussions
    • Public Speaking
    • Book Reviews
    • On Job Training
    • Presentations by Trainee Officers
    • Essay Writing

    Special emphasis is laid on the physical fitness of officers. Regular sports activities are planned on weekly basis. In addition, officers are also encouraged to plan excursion trips in the surrounding area.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Fresh Entrants after their selection as Artisan will submit an affidavit on stamp paper valuing Rs 100 duly signed by his/her surety to complete his/her training satisfactorily.
    • Employment:
    • It shall not be obligatory for POF Management to offer the job to all apprentices. However, successful apprentices may be absorbed in POF subject to availability of seats, with an undertaking that they will have to serve POF, if the job is offered to them.
    • Bond Deed:
    • The Artisans, who will be offered as per need of POF after successful completion of their training, will have to execute the prescribed bond to serve thereafter in POF for a minimum period of 6 years. In case of leaving they will have to refund all the amount spent on their training including a penalty of Rs 50,000/-.


    Hostel Accommodation will be provided to selected candidates on demand, upon availability on a first come first serve basis.

    Leave & Disciplinary Rules

    Leave Rules

      Casual Leave:
    • 15 Days casual leave during entire training period.
    • Breal Leave:
    • 15 Days break leave during training period.
    • Sicl Leave:
    • 15 Days sick leave during entire training period if the trainee is admitted in POF Hospital or excused duty due to sickness on medical certificate issued by an authorized Medical Officer of POF Hospital and in case of out station medical certificate issued by an authorized Medical Officer of a Government Hospital or dispensary. Medical certificate from Private Practitioner will be accepted at the discretion of Principal – POFIT.

    Disciplinary Rules

    The artisans are not allowed to join Association/Union or take part in their activities. Any breach of it shall render them liable to be removed from training or service with full penalty. Principal – POFIT shall be competent to take any action against the Artisans and can even terminate their training/services on disciplinary grounds.

    Employement after Successful Training

    As per provisions in apprenticeship rule-1966, it shall not be obligatory for employer to offer an employment to the apprentice. However, a limited number of successful top apprentices may be accommodated as per need of POF in BPS-5 (Skilled workman) on merit. Provincial Quota will also be observed for fresh entrants.

    Allotment of Trade

    Following Trades are allotted to the successful candidates according to their results:

    • General Machinist
    • CNC Machinist
    • Mill Wright
    • Press Tool Setter
    • Tool / Die Maker
    • General Fitter
    • Pipe Fitter
    • Welder
    • Foundry Work (Forging, Rolling, Extrusion)
    • Heat Treatment
    • Fluid Techniques (Pneumatics & Hydraulics)
    • Instrumentation & Control
    • Refrigeration & Air conditioning
    • Compressor Operations
    • Boiler Operations
    • Masonry Work
    • Carpentry
    • Electric Wiring & Repairs
    • Electronic Repair Work
    • Chemical Process Work
    • Chemical Laboratory Work

    POFIT Industrial Tours

    Industrial Visits are arranged by POFIT to students with an objective to provide insight regarding internal working of industry. It gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at college. Industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and know more about industrial environment.