• Fee: Rs. 1760/Week
  • Qualification DAE (Electronics, Electrical or Instrumentation)
Rs. 1760 per Week DAE (Electronics, Electrical or Instrumentation)
Week Content
1st Week
  • Basic Principles of Electric Motor.
  • Control Motor.
  • Control Motor Starters.
  • Protection of Devices.
  • Relays and Contractors.
  • Timing Relays.
  • Switches
2nd Week
  • Circuit layout Connections and Symbols.
  • Two &Three Wires Control.
  • Interlocking.
  • Sequence Control.
  • Primary Resistor and Auto Transformer Starters.
  • Part Winding and Automatic Starters for Wye-Delta Motors
3rd Week
  • Two Speed Two Winding Motor Controller.
  • Two Speed One Winding Motor Controller.
  • Two Speed Starter with Reversing Controls.
  • Manual Speed Control & Pushbutton Speed selection.
  • Automatic Acceleration.
  • Automatic Speed Control.
4th Week
  • Push button starting a Synchronous Motor.
  • Timed Semi-automatic Synchronizing.
  • Synchronizing Synchronous Alternators.
  • Across the line Starting and to define Time Motor Starter.
  • 03 and 04 Point DC Manual Starters.
  • Counter EMF and Motor driven Timer Controller
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