• Fee: Rs. 3000/Week
  • Qualification B.Sc. Engg. / DAE
Rs. 3000 per Week B.Sc. Engg. / DAE
Week Content
1st Week
  • Introduction of Advanced CNC SystemConcept Turn 250/450.
  • Features of Concept Turn 250 & Concept Turn 450.
  • Review of pre-requisite knowledge of Zero Points, Reference Point, Path Information, Plane Selection, Preparatory Functions (G codes) and Path Information.
2nd Week
  • Introductions of Lathe Tools (Inside Cutting, Outside Cutting, Center Cutting Tools, Driven Tools).
  • Coordinate System (Machine Coordinate System.
  • Work Coordinate System, Holding Devices).
  • Optical Offset Device.
  • Miscellaneous Functions (Turret Position, Boring Tools, Turning Tools, Center Tools).
  • Programming.
  • Work Piece Direction Driven Tools MPF & SPF
3rd Week
  • Programming.
  • MPF (Main Program File).
  • SPF (Sub Program File).
  • Introduction of Siemens Control 810/840D.
  • Programming with Chamfer.
  • Fillet.
  • Contouring Cycle (L72, L73) Simulation.
  • Introduction of Stock Removal Cycle (L95).
  • Roughing & Finishing.
  • Programming with Circular Interpolation (Simulation).
4th Week
  • Programming (Chamfer, Radius, Taper & Center Drill).
  • Introduction of different Standard Cycles.
  • Programming (Grooving, Deep Hole Drilling & Threading).
  • Programming (Eco Cut Drilling & Tapping) Simulation.
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