• Fee: Rs. 2520/Week
  • Qualification Matric / DAE
Rs. 2520 per Week Matric / DAE
Week Content
1st Week
  • Introduction of & CNC Machines and its Safety.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of NC and CNC Machines.
  • Main Features of CNC Machines.
  • ISO and EIA Coding Systems.
  • Data Storage Medias.
2nd Week
  • Dimensioning systems: a) Absolute System b) Incremental System
  • Types of Path Control: a) Point To Point Path Control b) Continuous Path Control
  • 2D Continuous & 2-1/2D Continuous.
  • Explanation of Point types used in CNC: a) Machine Zero Point. b) Work piece Zero Point. c) Program Zero Point. d) Reference Point.
  • Preparatory Functions. “G” Codes.
3rd Week
  • Miscellaneous Functions “M” Codes.
  • Programming.
  • Cutter Radius Compensation “LEFT”.
  • Cutter Radius Compensation “RIGHT”.
  • Tool “LENGTH” Compensation.
  • Introduction of Co-ordinates Systems: a) Rectangular System. b) Polar System.
4th Week
  • Insertion of Chamfer and Radius in Program.
  • Study of Circular Interpolation: a) Clockwise Direction. b) Counter Clockwise Direction
  • Soft Start.
  • Programming with Absolute Dimensioning.
  • Programming with Incremental Dimensioning.
5th Week


  • Trigonometric Ratios.
  • Solution of Right Angled Triangle.
  • Calculation of Points with Sin, Cos, Tan and their Inverse.
  • Programming with above calculation.
6th Week
  • Sub-routine.
  • Loop Programming.
  • Programming of External Profile.
  • Programming of Internal Profile.
7th Week


  • Drilling.
  • Centering (G81).
  • Boring with Spot Facing (G82).
  • Deep Drilling Hole (G83).
  • Tapping Cycle (G84).
  • Drilling on different Surfaces (G85).
  • Reaming Cycle (G89).
8th Week


  • Groove Cutting Pattern (L94).
  • Rectangular Pocket Milling (L95).
  • Circular Pocket Milling (L96).
  • Boring Pattern (L97).
  • Slot Cutting Pattern (L98).
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