• Fee: Rs. 2520/Week
  • Qualification B.Sc Engg.
Rs. 2520 per Week B.Sc Engg.
Week Content
1st Week
  • Introduction of Advanced CNC and Automation
  • CNC Control Components
  • Introduction of Dimensioning System: a) Absolute Dimensioning System b) Incremental Dimensioning System
  • Coordinate System
2nd Week
  • Function of G-Code
  • Miscellaneous Functions (M-Codes)
  • Introduction of Zero Point and Reference Point
  • Introduction of Fanuc & Sinumerik Control and their replacement
  • Programming of Facing.
  • Introduction about Contouring Cycle 72 Roughing Finishing and Facing 71
  • Programming by using Taper and Chamfer
  • Programming by using Radius and Chamfer
  • Programming by using Circular Interpolation Fillet and Chamfer.
3rd Week
  • Programming by using Taper, Fillet and Circular Interpolation.
  • Programming by using Internal Countering
  • Programming by using Circular Pocket Milling, Long hole Slot Milling, Facing and Countering Cycle
  • Programming by using Cycle L83 long hole 2 for Drilling on Circular Pitch.
4th Week
  • Programming by using Face Countering Cycle, Slot Mill Cycle, Centering, Deep hole Drilling and Tapping Cycle.
  • Programming by using Slot Mill and Pocket milling Cycle, Boring Cycle 85-86
  • Introduction to Rotary Axis A, B and C along with Linear Axis.
  • Programming by using 4th axis i.e Swivel Head.
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